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Welcome to the Reptiles side of my website

I have loved reptiles since as long as I can remember.  I remember as a child spending days in the woods collecting snakes and turtles and virtually any other animal I could find.  Unfortunately, my parents never allowed me to keep anything in the house so it was not until college that I acquired my first pet snake.  It was a Burmese Python that I "inherited" from another pole vaulter.  In 1992 I decided to give breeding a shot and was successful the first year.  I had 23 baby pythons born that year.  Over the years my collection has gone through a lot of changes.  I specialize in pythons and boas and enjoy the challenges of captive reproduction.  The hobby and business side of keeping reptiles has undergone many changes in recent years but we are at a very exciting time with new morphs being proved out virtually every day. Along with these changes, my direction has changed as well.  Responsible keeping of these magnificent animals should always be of first priority for anyone considering a reptile pet.


Contact Jeff at pvjeff@gmail.com

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